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God's not calling you to fit in, He's Calling you to a Higher Purpose. This powerful, vibrant community is where you step into your truth, get crystal clear on what you are here to do, and unleash the possibilities for your life being surrounded by a tribe of high vibe women on a mission to do the same.


Hey girl....


What would it feel like to live your life in a way that feels peaceful and free while making a meaningful impact that lights you up?

Ummmm.....Powerful and Amazing! Yes, YES!

I believe when we trust ourselves....I mean truly trust ourselves to the core by being grounded in our faith that it unleashes limitless possibility in what we can create in our lives. Nothing excites me more than to teach you how to have the calmness in your soul allowing you to finally hear the whispers of your truth that have been there all along! Seeing you stand in your truth and take inspired action to manifest miracles with your soul on fire. YES, that is where the magic is!!!!


Your life is calling and you are ready to fully show up and know who you are and what you want!!!

I know, because I hid from truth for so long checking off the boxes of life and feeling unfulfilled. No longer for me, and no longer for you! Because together.. WE RISE!!!

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Live as though life was created for you. - Maya Angelou

What are people saying?


Tracey C.

"I really didn’t know what to expect or even what I wanted to accomplish when I first began working with Keri. The only thing I knew was I wanted more and had no idea what “more” even was.

With Keri’s insightful guidance, and yes, even sometimes a not-so-subtle push, I was able to really deep dive into what my “more” looked like and how I was going to achieve it. Keri changed the way I think, made me realize the ownership I had in limiting myself, and paved the way for me to grow as the person and woman leader I knew I wanted to be. The journey is by no means done, and I look forward to continuing to have Keri coach me along the way to keep the momentum going. There are no limits!"


Stacey C.

"Prior to working with Keri, I was your classic Type A overachiever. I was laser focused on results and defining every step, action and sacrifice required to achieve them. It was only through working with Keri that I was able to discover that I didn't have to force action and results didn't always require sacrifices! I found freedom in surrendering what was no longer serving me and embracing all that was. I am now dreaming, living, and shining brighter than ever before. 🙂 "


Rosanna L.

Keri always asks the right questions to help me see my potential and believe in myself. She has a balance of listening and hearing what's underneath what I'm saying, and saying the things that empower me to make a decision.

Talking with Keri always gives me peace and clarity. I also find her faith inspirational and know that her retreats are inspired and intentional. I believe that God is in it and doing big things through Keri. She stands for people and has a giving heart and it's a blessing to be a part of her world."


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