As a Top Female Life & Performance Coach and Inspirational Speaker, my passion is helping women leaders to create space to lead their lives fulfilled & on fire as they rise in their career. Facilitating global retreats, online masterminds, and executive leadership coaching; I work with women leaders across the world to align their life to create the greatest impact.

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I'm Keri Stanley

Founder of Grace on Fire

And in the blink of an eye, it was all gone. Everything I had built over the last 25 years….gone. Now, here I was a single mom with young twin sons. Jobless. Feeling broken, like I had lost everything including my identity and unsure where to go from here. It had been the last thing I was holding on to, poured my life into, something that felt like I was great at...and now it was gone too.

Turns out, my identity slipping through my fingers allowed me to open up to the magic and miracles waiting to be unleashed in my life. I was finally cracked open to see a sign from God (quite literally). There it was – one simple word on a frosty window that struck me like a lightning bolt…..BELIEVE!  

In that moment, I remembered her. The little girl in me with pigtails that would dream and play and climb and was FREE. I had been turning to “RIGHT” for so long….getting it right, doing it right, living the right that others saw for me, but along the way I forgot her. And if truth be told….right wasn’t working out so well for me

What if I started an entirely new way of living through the lit up eyes and dreams of that little girl who BELIEVED in Magic and Miracles and that Anything Truly Was Possible?

Today, I can look back at that day..... the loss of my career.... as the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. The shattered glass had revealed me. Freed me. The pain....had all been perfectly for me. 

It was God reminding me to come home to me. To love my life again. And to go back to my roots of dreaming big instead of living in complacency of safety that had only been an illusion that kept me caged. It’s a decision of honoring my soul and the vision God gives me as one I’ve never regretted since.


Grace, meaningful conversations, coffee, epic experiences, generosity, deep friendships, God, infinite growth, and my specialty...magic and miracles!


Hate, judgment, shame, settling for less than your divine destiny. 


Traveling...of course! Leading international retreats, celebrating with my clients making an impact in the world, hanging with my favorite twin teenage boys,in goat yoga or some other random adventure in nature.

daily rituals

Morning prayer and meditation, on a run with God and my dogs, and my coffee in an inspirational mug (of course.

I had just lost my entire career overnight in a split decision between two conflicting thoughts. I chose the one that would let me sleep at night knowing it had a high price to pay in my life.

If you're here reading this, you likely know that it's time to honor your soul and God given vision to live free, play in your wildest dreams, and love what you do. You were born for this. 

Let the adventure begin...

Love, Keri

life went from misery to bliss when I let myself play

and life got even better when I let the love in

Every day is your adventure.

where are you being led?





Saint Joseph, Missouri

 Honey, Almond Milk Latte

Think Like a Monk

Hugs :)



my next adventure

Keri Stanley is the founder of the Grace on Fire movement and an Inspirational Speaker. As a Top Female Life & Performance Coach, her passion is helping women leaders to create space to lead their lives fulfilled & on fire as they rise in their career. Facilitating global retreats, online masterminds, and executive leadership coaching; Keri works with leaders across the world to align their life to create the greatest impact. As a mother of teenage twin boys, marathon runner, and personal development junkie, Keri is always creating a life of fulfilling adventure across the globe.

About Keri Stanley

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Founder of Grace on Fire

let's adventure together

Grace on Fire is a Global Spiritual Adventure Company for Women Leaders Creating their Legacy. We believe that innovation is created in the wild where women create harmony in the space between grit and grace. Together, we'll find your compass for life.

on fire


spiritual leader?

are you a

A Playful, Powerful, Free-Spirit

She Dances with Compassion and Grace

She’s a Queen

who Leads with Creativity and Confidence

She embodies courage.

She knows when to roar and when to be soft.  She doesn’t hide, yet she doesn’t overpower.

She’s the woman who commands attention

simply by her energy when she enters a room.

She loves

without boundaries and has unstoppable faith.

Her fire creates and destroys.

Sometimes she uses it to burn the old away. Sometimes she uses it to spark the new.

Sometimes she uses it to warn those around her.

But she always uses it to create good and light the world.


on fire


I feel like I’m living in a cage with the door wide open.

You’re here because you have a calling on your life that is greater... and it scares the crap out of you to actually bring it to life.

Maybe you’ve been following others and letting them lead you and you’ve really just lost yourself in the process.

Perhaps you’re ready to find your own unique way of leading your life, business, and relationships and it’s time to give yourself full permission to follow your own compass and surrender to the miracles and manifestations you know are right around the corner.

Sound like you? It's time to give yourself permission to live big.

I feel trapped in this “successful” life that I’ve built... but, I’m miserable.

You’re here because you’re ready for life... the kind of life you’re excited to live when you wake up in the morning instead of checking off all the boxes or being too busy to actually live.

Maybe you’re in a major life transition (like a divorce, a promotion, or you lost your job) and you’re asking yourself “what am I going to do with my life?”

Or perhaps you’re ready to make some major changes so you can start enjoying your relationships, your career, and your freedom so you can finally make the kind of impact you’ve been wanting to make.

Sound familiar? It's time to take your leap of faith.

two kinds of women

I serve

which one sounds like your story?

"I know without a doubt that I was divinely led to Keri to strengthen and prepare my soul for what was to come.” 




"I never knew that the intimate and personalized care and attention I receive, the friendships I built, and the tools I learned from Keri were going to stick with me and give me the courage to pursue my dreams."




"Keri has helped me shift my mindset and therefore shift my entire life from dreading to get up in the morning to just get through another day, to jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. excited for the possibilities that each day brings toward my vision, goals and dreams."




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