About Keri

Hello, beautiful. My name is Keri Stanley and I’m so glad you have found me here. I look forward to getting to know you even more. For now, here is a little about me. I help individuals from healthcare and service based professions who their life taking care of others find the balance so they can take care of others from a fulfilled state. I grew up in the healthcare field taking care of patients and then into administrative world taking care of the healthcare providers Along the journey, I lost myself. I became depleted, lived in survival mode trying to get through each day, and those who I loved the most got the worst of me. I became resentful on the inside with a smile on the outside as I continued to serve from an empty state. Until my life finally caved in on me and that is when I decided there had to be a different way. Fortunately, I found out….there is a much better way. It’s the best gift I gave my kids, my clients, and myself. I love sharing what has worked for me with my clients just like you turn their own lives around. Imagine loving your life while you continue to serve!

Choose to Believe.

Five years ago, I was going through a time that was both personally and professionally challenging! I was scared, felt overwhelmed in life, and was really uncertain about my future. I found myself wandering the streets of NYC during Christmastime, needing any dose of inspiration that the famously decorated windows could give me.

Standing outside of the Macy’s department store, I looked up to see the word “BELIEVE” adorning the frosty glass. In that moment, time stopped and a miracle happened for me right there on 34th Street. Snow was lightly falling to the ground and the streets had become engulfed in silence as I felt like I was in my own personal snow globe. I decided I have a choice. I was no longer going to live my life in my old stories and patterns of the past. It was time to create the life I wanted. It was time to be the mom I wanted to be. They deserved more, and so did I. Everything changed that day because I chose from that moment on to believe!

Live Your Dream.

When I was a little girl in pigtails, I was a true creative, a free spirit who believed that anything was possible. Yet what I discovered was, through the years of my childhood and on into the responsibilities of adulthood, I had tucked that little girl away. I had taught her to become a people-pleasing perfectionist that hated conflict. I had taught her that it wasn’t acceptable to rock the boat and that she’s supposed to follow the plan so that everything will be okay.

What happened was that it wasn’t okay! I did everything right: I went to college, got the degree & the successful career, fell in love, got married, bought the house with the picket fence, and had a beautiful set of twin boys. From the outside, I had the perfect life. I hate to admit that on the inside...I was lost, swirling in sadness, and had no idea who I was anymore. A divorce when my kids were 5 (something I swore I would NEVER do), a rocked professional world that fell apart, and a life that seemed to swirl out of control is what landed me on 34th Street, searching for answers of how did this happen? Do you ever look up at your life and wonder how did I get here? Well, that's exactly where I was.

What I discovered that day was that the little girl was my truth. I realized that I had tucked my authentic spirit away into the darkness. That I had spent so much time trying to be what everyone else wanted from me, instead of what felt right for who I am or why I’m here. That I had created my own darkness. I spent the next few years finding my own light and allowing the little girl in pigtails to begin to shine again in the way that I was truly meant to live. I discovered my freedom, my true gifts, my path, and true joy in how I live my live each and everyday. I want ALL the same for you. I want you to know exactly how you are meant to live this beautiful adventure we call life.

Live an Extraordinary Life.

I believe we all have a story for a reason, and that’s what makes us unique. I believe in people. I believe in second chances. I believe in infinite potential! I believe in YOU. That is my life’s mission — to help YOU live an extraordinary life. What gift do you have that’s been whispering in your ear to let it out? Maybe by now it’s screaming at you. It’s time to let it out and discover a life that you absolutely LOVE!

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing.

What makes my heart sing? Of course, my two boys, who are my greatest teachers and my source of inspiration. I believe travel shapes our minds and perspectives. There is so much of the world to see and I’m taking them in on a never-ending bucket list of adventures. I embrace all things soulful: curling up with a great book, my Sunday morning coffee, a hike up a mountain, and taking in every wave at the ocean shore. You want me to choose between the mountains or the ocean... I choose both! I’m an appreciator of life’s simple beauties as I take in nature on my runs and in my meditations. And finally, I love people. I enjoy finding the stories behind every set of eyes and discovering what makes YOUR heart sing. And that, to me, is a gift.

It's Your Time to Shine.

I realized that my gift is to help you uncover yours! To become a game changer in your own life, creating a bigger footprint in the lives of others, and to uncover your authentic spirit that has been tucked away in you too long as well. When we begin to shine in our own light, we allow others to do the same.

Let’s begin the journey together.

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